MCI Onehealth Provides Update on Subsidiary Khure Health

February 14, 2022

Five million patient screenings completed

TORONTO, Ontario, Feb. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Khure Health Inc. ("Khure Health"), a subsidiary of MCI Onehealth Technologies Inc. ("MCI") (TSX: DRDR), hit several key milestones in 2021, with year-over-year revenue growth in excess of 50%, inclusion of AI-enabled algorithms to screen more than 80 rare diseases integrated into its platform, and completion of more than five million patient screenings. In 2022, Khure Health is poised to implement a number of product innovations and service enhancements, including a cloud-based version of its platform, the ability for physicians to instantly screen a complex patient’s medical records against more than 100 rare disease algorithms during the patient visit and accredited education programs for physicians.

“MCI is taking big strides along our data roadmap through Khure Health’s progress,” said Dr. Alexander Dobranowski, MD and CEO of MCI. “With our milestone of 100 rare disease algorithms on Khure’s platform in sight this quarter, a new cloud-based version of the platform that will help unlock additional high-margin opportunities in the big data sector, and a growing team building ever stronger collaborations with top pharmaceutical manufacturers and clinical research organizations, we’re really excited about the months ahead.”

Toronto-based Khure Health harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to leverage the vast amounts of information within a physician's electronic medical record, rapidly identifying patients potentially at risk of certain rare and specialty diseases. With Khure Health’s President, Don Watts, recently recognized as a Digital Health Innovator of the Year by Digital Health Canada, Khure Health is driving new capabilities for physicians in proactive and personalized medicine.

“As a key part of MCI’s high-performance healthcare network, Khure Health enables better patient outcomes through applied innovation, including through supporting earlier diagnosis and opportunities for patients to more quickly benefit from clinical discoveries. To date, more than five million patient screenings have been done, resulting in thousands of individual patients now moving along appropriate care pathways for which they might not otherwise have been identified,” said Don Watts, President of Khure Health. “As we continue our rare disease algorithm development and expand into chronic disease risk identification, Khure Health’s platform will be an invaluable day-to-day tool to help physicians provide the most preventative, personalized care possible, benefiting patients and the healthcare system overall.”

Other new features in development at Khure Health include enabling physicians to instantly screen a specific complex patient's electronic medical record against all the pathologies covered by Khure Health to see if they may be at risk of a particular rare disease. Along with this, Khure Health has created a new accredited education offering for physicians on the platform that gives physicians the ability to participate in accredited educational programs via the platform and instantly apply their learning to those patients that can benefit.

“Khure’s platform presents a potential game changer for innovative pharmaceutical manufacturers, enabling the acceleration of clinical research and commercialization of new medical treatments,” added Dobranowski. “We’re seeing more and more pharma companies recognizing the value of Khure’s platform, namely, leveraging real world evidence around rare diseases to accelerate patient recruitment for clinical trials, to accelerate patient access to treatment, and to support regulatory decision-making.”

While providing access to high-quality, accountable care to nearly one million patients each year, MCI Onehealth continues to identify, prioritize, develop, and launch new products, services and business models that create positive health impact and investor value. As previously reported, Khure Health and several other MCI business units, Corporate Health Solutions and Executive Medical Concierge Canada, each delivered record years, with year-over-year revenue growth in excess of 50%, 70% and 80% respectively.

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